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Prerequisites: Feat – Herbalist

Herbalism is the art of distilling and combining plants, fungi, and other natural materials to create salves, ointments, and potions that heal and enhance a character’s natural abilities. While some of the ingredients used in the most powerful concoctions may have magical properties, most herbalism is done using natural and mundane components. An herbalist is a master of finding and identifying plants with special properties, and knows which herbs to gather and prepare for the desired effects.

Creating a Concoction

There are three steps to creating an herbalist concoction. First, you must gather the ingredients. Then, you must prepare and combine the ingredients to create the concoction. Finally, the concoction must be properly applied to take effect. Each of these steps is a distinct action. The details of each step is listed along with the concoction’s entry.

Gathering Ingredients

Finding herbs is a matter of both training and circumstance. Many herbs grow only in specific climates and conditions, and it takes a trained herbalist to locate such herbs with any reliability.
Searching for ingredients takes one hour, and the Wisdom (Survival) DC to find the ingredients in a specific type of climate, as well as the amount of the ingredient found, will be in the ingredient list for the concoction. Once an ingredient has been harvested in a specific region, the DC to collect additional specimens increases by 5 for the next week. In high traffic areas, such as along a primary trade route or within a day of a town, the DC is permanently increased by 5. This effect is cumulative, making the harvesting of large quantities of rare herbs very difficult.
Once picked, ingredients only remain fresh enough to use for a short amount of time. If an ingredient remains unused for more than one day, it loses potency and becomes worthless. A character proficient with an herbalism kit may spend one minute preserving the ingredients. They may make a DC 10 Wisdom check to increase the amount of time the ingredient will remain fresh by 1d6 days.

Other Ingredients

Some concoctions, particularly salves and powerful potions, may require ingredients that cannot simply be gathered from nature. These will be listed below the concoctions ingredient list, and will include information about their cost and rarity (if they can be purchased) or what type of creature they can be harvested from.
If the ingredient can be harvested from a creature, the list will also include information about where that type of creature can be found, the creature’s DC, and the Wisdom (Survival) check required to locate the creature. As most creatures are not fond of donating their eyes, kidneys, or other organs to a party of strangers, harvesting the ingredient typically requires slaying the creature in question.
Anyone proficient in Survival is able to harvest an organ from a deceased creature without damaging it, though the DM may require a Wisdom (Survival) check to harvest any particularly fragile specimens.

Preparing and Combining Ingredients

The actual process of preparing and combining ingredients varies widely by concoction. Some salves can be created fairly quickly, by simply mashing the ingredients together with a mortal and pestle, while potions and infused oils may require hours of boiling to get the required purity. Each concoction will include a list of processes, as well as time and the DC for the Wisdom (Herbalism Kit) check, required to successfully complete the step.
A failed Wisdom (Herbalism Kit) check may be attempted again, and requires only half the amount of time as the initial check. However, if at any point the check fails by more than 5, the ingredients used in that process are ruined and you must begin that particular process again from the beginning.
Once crafted, a concoction remains potent until used.

Applying Concoctions

The application of concoctions varies widely depending on the specific type. Some concoctions require nothing more than an action or bonus action to use. Others require more time and may also call for a specific skill check to receive the concoction’s full effect.
Once a concoction has been applied, the effects may be immediate or gradual. The effect of a concoction will be described in the concoction’s entry.


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