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Races Unique to Adra


Diminutive beings from the Long Shore, ratatoskr are often found serving as spies or messengers. They love to travel and especially daring ratatoskr can be found throughout the multiverse.

The Long Shore

The icy peninsulas of the Long Shore are home to a number of unique races and beasts. The ratatoskr are frequently hunted by the large predators in their homeland, and have adopted a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Growing up surrounded by enormous and vicious creatures makes those that survive to adulthood exceptionally brave.


Their love of wandering and courage has made them perfect couriers, delivering important missives between kingdoms and sometimes even between planes. They love the outdoors, and though they are not entirely uncomfortable in cities they rarely remain for long. As such, they tend to be clerics of nature deities, druids, or rangers, though ratatoskr bards, rogues, and fighters are not uncommon.

“If you need a message to get there without fail, send a ratatoskr.”
– Author Unknown


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