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Wondrous Item, rarity varies (requires attunement)

Handcrafted items that draw upon natural energies, totems allow access to druidic magic to any who know how to access their powers.

Totems are unique magic items in that they are typically affixed to a specific place, and lose power if removed from their location. Some smaller totems may be moved within a specified area, but most are large objects firmly rooted in place. A totem no longer regains charges if removed from the location where it was crafted.

Totems are imbued with a selection of spells and have a number of charges determined by the type of totem. Totems always have three first level spells, and then one additional spell of each level up to its maximum. When you become attuned to a totem, you know how many charges it has, as well as the spells that can be cast from the totem.

Casting a spell from a totem uses a number of charges equal to the spell’s level. Spells that can be cast at a higher level for increased effect can consume additional charges up to the totem’s maximum level.

Minor totem Uncommon Small 3 1st 3 1d3
Greater totem Rare Medium 5 3rd 6 1d6
Superior totem Very Rare Large 7 5th 10 1d10
Supreme totem Legendary Huge 9 7th 12 1d12


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